Somatox Tea 14 Day Teatox | 10% Off Discount Code, Weightloss andDetoxing!

I've been trying out somatox tea detox recently and wanted to share my experience with you guys! I'm not usually one to try out all this tea tox stuff! I'm not sure why I just never really got round to it and I don't drink tea to often. This time I really wanted to give it a go so I could give you my opinion on somatox. I got two packets of somatox tea in the prettiest pink and white packaging which I'm in love with! And ofcorse inside was the teabags. So each day I've been carrying on as normal with my daily routine I haven't changed my excersise or diet routines the only thing I have done is started this 14 day teatox.. I've been having my daily smoothies for breakfast and have been drinking somatox tea with my lunch. 

They taste really nice to drink actually which I'm pretty impressed with because that's one of the main reasons why I've stuck to it, I've tried teatoxes in the past and the reason why I don't carry on is because they aren't very nice. I've noticed I have been feeling abit more energetic throughout the day and even if I do have a rough nights sleep once I'm up ECT I will feel okay where as I used to be quite tired a lot if I didn't sleep to well.

The last thing I want to talk about is weight loss, I'm not trying my total hardest to lose weight, I'm not excersising much or going to the gym simply because I just don't have any motivation to excersise all the time. I also do eat a lot of junk food (oops) but if I did lose quite abit of weight by doing this I wouldn't be complaining. I've only been taking this for two weeks now and I have noticed that I've lost a couple of pounds which is actually pretty awesome! As I mentioned before I'm not trying to lose weight, but I've put on half a stone over the past year so to lose that again and go back down to 8 stone would be ideal for me! I'm just going to carry on drinking somatox tea and see if I do lose anymore weight and if I do then I'll deffo be blogging about it! 

If your interested in finding out more about somatox then I will leave their website and social links below and if your interested in buying any I have a 10% off discount you can use when checking out! 

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Love Roxy x