Make-Up Revolution Cover And Conceal Review | Concealer Palette

Recently I made a pretty big purchase from Superdrug, a drugstore for make-up, beauty and other supplies and the store is based in England. One of the main things I was excited to try out of all my purchases was the Make-Up Revolution Concealer Palette. 

It has a range from light to dark colours, which is perfect for contouring and highlighting your face. 

As you can see from the pictures they have a range of different colours, I really find them all beautiful. I've only used two so far which is the darkest shade for contouring and the lighter shade for my under eye. I found that they had really good coverage and lasted the whole day!

This palette was super cheap and is really easy to get your hands on as they are sold at pretty much every drugstore, mine cost around £6 but at Superdrug they have 3 for the price of 2 on at the moment and free delivery on orders over £10, also they throw in a free makeup bag for every 3 for 2 purchase so I got so much for a cheap price!

Overall this palette is a new favourite of mine and I have been using it as a daily concealer and will definitely carry on using it.

Makeup Revolution Cover And Conceal Palette

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2015 Spring Make-up Favourites | Swatches & Dupes

I've been totally obsessing over all these products as the warm weather has started to kick in, some of them are so brightening, others are dewy and some of them just make your complexion look so fresh, I'm also a massive lover of lipliners and am always trying to find new ones that would suit me. I've come to the conclusion that nude lips is definitely what looks best on me and suits my skin tone, it's always perfect for winter and summer. 

Benefit 'Watt's Up' Soft Focus Highlighter 

Sephora Nano Lips in 'Native Nude' (LimeCrime Cashmere Dupe!)

Benefit Ooh la Lift (Instant Under Eye Brightening Boost) 

Benefit 'Stay Flawless' Primer 

Light/Medium Stay Don't Stray Primer/Concealer For Eyeshadow Base 

Maybelline Colour Drama in '630 Nude Perfection' 

Mac Lipliner in 'In synch' 

Mac Eyebrow Pencil in 'Dirty Blonde' 

Benefit POREfessional balm (minimises the appearance of pores) 

Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream 

Benefit Highbeam Complexion Enhancer 

What's your favourite products you will be using this summer? Make sure to let me know in the comments below! 

Love Roxy x

Your Tea | Your Tea Face Mask Review

'Your Tea' is such a popular brand, the most popular is the teatox, I've never tried teatox as I'm going to be honest I'm not the healthiest of people, but it never really appealed to me as I'm not trying to lose weight or anything like that so I'm not to sure how it all works, Your Tea have a lot of other items on the website now and different detoxes and I've heard nothing but great things about them.. So when I seen this facemask I really wanted to give it a try.

I think this is one of their newest products (I may be wrong) so I don't think it's as known as your tea detox YET. So this tea face mask came in the cutest little packaging with pink on it (my fave colour) and was stored in a nice jar! Once opening make sure to store in the fridge, I'm not to sure why this is but I gathered it could be because the tea would dry out if you didn't, as at the moment it's quite a moisturising consistency. 

Shocker! It looks like tea! Seriously though it's not to glamorous, but what face masks are? This is what it looks like in the jar, kind of looks like tea and kind of looks like soil. I'm not to bothered about that as it smells pretty good.

Make sure all your makeup is removed and your face is completely clean, then grab about a tea spoons worth and rub into your face, on the box it says you can leave it on 10 minutes - an hour so I left it on for 40 minutes. After the 40 minutes was up I grabbed myself a warm cloth and washed it off, then dried my face with a towel. 

What did I think? I'm really really really shocked, I have used many skin care products and face masks and they kind of just give me the same result each time, so I expected the same from this one. When I washed this off my skin actually looked clearer, I have some scars from spots I had in the past and I could see them before I put the mask on and when I took it off it's like they disappeared. My skin also felt like a baby's bottom and my cheeks weren't red anymore, I don't know how to explain it my skin just looked so clean, smooth and clear. I don't want people to read this and think I'm lying because I'm promoting their product or something, I recommend you to look at some videos on YouTube or other blog reviews so you can see before and after results of this product.
I watched Brittney Lee Saunders Before and After video on YouTube the other day reviewing this and you will see what I mean after watching that.

Sorry if I'm raving about it to much, I'm just really really impressed with it! 
If you want to purchase some of 'Your Tea Face' just follow them on Instagram and visit the website, I will leave the links below.

Love Roxy x

Holiday Essentials | Pack With Me!

This weekend I am going away on holiday. I'm really excited and have already started packing. I decided to blog about what I am packing considering I thought it would be quite interesting that you guys can see what I'm taking with me. 

First of all is the obvious essentials such as phone and charger, camera, magazines and headphones for music this is more for travelling essentials so you don't get bored, I also couldn't forget my beloved St. Moriz fake tan and babyliss hair straightners!

I've packed my beauty and makeup supplies in some mini bags, the flowery one is ted baker. I've packed anti perspiant, perfume, body spray, sun tan lotion, body lotion, mini shower gels and shampoos (travel size) and toothpaste ect, ALSO my makeup could never forget that. 

Next I'm packing my pyjamas, pants, socks and day/night time clothes which is also pretty obvious essentials to take.

I'm not taking to many shoes/bags I'm just taking a small shoulder bag and backpack, some sandals, trainers and some shoes for night time.

Couldn't forget jewellery! My favourite part of an outfit :) 

Last of all is a couple of bikinis, don't forget your sun screan to avoid skin damage! 

If you have any questions about these items please feel free to ask.

Love Roxy x