February Favourites | Healthy Food Ideas, Skin Tips, Favourite BeautyProducts

I hope everyone's had a great February, that word 'February' will always confuse me I always forget it's spelt like that and then realise I'm in the wrong when my phone corrects me, thank god for auto correct! I have so many things from this month I want to share with you all such as food, beauty products, fashion items, TV shows, nail varnishes the list just goes on and on..

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you might have seen me make a few posts about hot chocolates and how much I love them, the word 'love' is actually an understatement, I am obsessed and by obsessed I mean I'm having two cups nearly everyday (I know this is bad but there's no judging that goes on here guys). My perfect hot chocolate is to add some milk so it's not to watery or runny then whipped cream and to finish it off I sprinkle some marshmallows over the top! This routine seems to happen every time I make one, I don't think hot chocolates would be as amazing without the marshmallows and cream. 

I'm also a big lover of strawberries lately, and chocolate, I could eat them separately but if I have them together in the house at the same time I always HAVE to go that step to far and make some chocolate covered strawberries. 

I've also been getting into healthy salads lately aswell, when people hear the word salad they usually think 'eww' but salads are actually really good if you mix it up a little bit. If you live in England like me, you will notice in most supermarkets they have a salad bar? I usually get a few bits from there as you can pick and choose what you want, I also know that a lot of people would rather make things such as pasta, coleslaw, potatoe salad from scratch aswell so you can buy the ingredients from most stores and it's so easy to make. I always put a salad dressing over mine with some toppings such as onion or bacon crispies or even chicken. 

I have really got into doing my nails a lot more recently, usually I would just paint them a colour and leave that on until I need to paint them again, I'd never be to bothered about what colour I was painting them. Recently I have been watching loads and loads of nail art tutorials on Instagram and YouTube and I find them so inspiring that I want to try it myself! So I've been on the hunt for nail art kits, new polishes, and also found a Barry M matte top coat which works wonders. I'm also a massive fan of Ciate and Essie polishes now and really want to buy some more. 

I also bought some Duo eyelash glue, before Duo I used Eyelure eyelash glue which has actually been my favourite for a really long time, but I've just got a thing for the Duo glue now, I feel like my eyelashes could stay on for weeks probably If I wanted to leave them on for that long lol!

You probably noticed on Instagram I stocked up on a load of beauty blenders? Yep. I ordered one from the actual beauty blender store (MASSIVE MISTAKE) there's nothing wrong with it, it works absolutely perfectly it's just that I went onto eBay a few hours later and saw bundles of them in all different colours selling for about £5. If I could give you any advice I would order the beauty blenders from eBay they are cheap, you get a load of them so they will last longer and they are exactly the same as real beauty blenders. 

I'm loving this fucshia pink bag that got sent to me from a shop called 'just for five pounds. I seriously can't get enough of it and every opportunity I get I will wear it. It's so gorgeous styled against white and baby pinks. This has got to be one of my favourite pieces from February. 

I also love my new choker from 'Lovelucex' you can find her on Instagram and she has links to her depop and eBay in her bio. As it's getting warmer and I'm way to excited to wear more SS clothes it's time to get the chokers out to pair up with a pretty top. I have so many in my collection and this one is my favourite, I was looking for a double cord one for ages and by luck I found this! 

TruSelf Organics Face Mask Review

First off I just want to say I'm really sorry I haven't been blogging as much, I haven't felt like Im in the right mindset to write about products or my outfits and act happy when actually I haven't been feeling great. I know this isn't an excuse but I'm feeling a lot better and positive now, I feel like I can consentrate more on my writing and enjoy it. My new camera is coming aswell on Monday which means I will be sharing a lot more outfits with you and maybe start vlogging to eeeek exciting! So I'm really looking forward to that. I feel really bad when I don't post often, I don't know what it is but the aim for me is to write usually at least 2-3 blogposts a week, and its gone from that to 1 a week.. in a way I feel like I'm slacking and not working hard enough for something I have a really big passion for, another thing I will say is if you enjoy doing something never let people put you off doing it or get you down about it, negativity should push you to want to do it even more to prove people wrong.
Anyway I will stop blabbing on and get on with the review guys.

The other day I recieved this 'TruSelf Organics Face Mask' it comes in a powdery like form so you need to mix water with it to get a damper texture. It's known to help skin problems such as acne, blemishes, wrinkles ect and it also says on the pot it is all natural and handmade! So I was really excited to try this out, I'm a sucker for all natural products! 

It says on the tub under 'Directions And Use' to add a small amount to a bowl and mix with an even amount of water, as you can see in the picture I just added some to the lid and mixed it around in there, I didn't want to use a bowl as I wasn't going to be using a lot.

So I've added my water, and have just mixed it around with a plastic spoon then all you need to do is add an even layer to your face, I'm sure you guys know how to do that?! It says you can let it dry on your face to 10-30 minutes, but if you have sensitive skin leave on for less time. Here's a picture of me looking like an ogre with the mask on. A bit of inspo for you all hahaha.

So I left the mask on for about 20 minutes as my skin is quite sensitive and it was the first time using it so I didn't know what it was going to react like. I then washed it off with warm water and a flannel just to make sure I removed all of it. 

So what are my thoughts about the face mask? 
I think it was really easy to use and apply, and it just dries up like most face masks so yeah I really found the application easy and not to messy considering it's a powder. I only left it on for 20 minutes because that's when I felt my skin starting to get irritated and itchy, I'm not going to complain about this though as it does warn you on the tub about sensitive skin, so I recommend if you do have sensitive skin like me, wash it off after ten minutes and I have learnt that for the second time I use it to. Once I washed it off at first my skin was abit dry (probably because of my sensitive skin and the amount of time I left it on) so I applied some moisturiser to my face, my skin looked a lot fresher after that but I didn't really notice that much of a difference. So I've left it a day and since using it I have noticed blemishes on my skin going, I also had dried up skin on my face from the cold weather which has gone, my skin feels a lot smoother now and my skin looks really clearer to. To be honest I wasn't really expecting much to happen after I washed it off and I just thought oh well, but I think I judged it ALOT as I woke up this morning and half the blemishes I have are going! I'm so happy with this product and I think I may be obsessed with it now. I also think I'm going to start applying it twice a week and do another post about it in a month to let you guys know how much my skin has cleared up. Overall I'm over the moon with this stuff.

How To Avoid Messy Nails Using Elmer's Glue

What your going to need:

Any nail polish of your choice I'm using Barry M Nail Paint. Your also going to need Elmer's glue which I bought online from ebay, and last of all you will need a top coat for the finishing touches.

The glue is the most important part about this, as you can see in the picture I have used Elmers glue and spread it around my nails, if your anything like me and are really slobby when it comes to painting your nails this will be perfect for you! Once the glue has dried paint your nails and the paint that is around your finger nail isn't a probem as it will be stuck to the glue which you can peal off later.

This was my nails after painting them. I know absolutely terrible right? I can never keep the nail polish off my fingers it's a nightmare, Thankgod for Elmers glue! 

When the nail polish has dried peel off the glue around your nails and it should look something like this, I made the mistake and put the glue abit far out from my nail so there's still a few tiny bits that need clearing up, but I've learned that mistake for next time!

And this is the finishing look! I used Essie nail polish in 'a cut above' over the White Barry M polish and my nails ended up looking like this, I love a fresh pair of nails!

The Oscars Style Challenge

I received a email a couple of weeks ago to team up with Weddington Way, I was really shocked as they have the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen, so I felt really honoured. They have a various amount of different wedding and bridesmaid dresses on their website and asked me and a short list of other bloggers to style some beautiful dresses from their shop.

I decided to go for a really elegant look and put some white and red together, it's so simple but classical in my eyes and I think it's safe to say this look will never get old. The dress I picked out from Weddington Way is absolutely to die for, I decided to go for a full length dress instead of the cocktail dresses as I think it really suits the look I'm aiming for. This 'Snow White' dress costs £230 on the website and you can purchase from this link: https://www.weddingtonway.com/products/alfred-sung-d613-bridesmaiddress?sku=su-d613-snow-white

As I mentioned earlier in the post I am pairing red with white. I don't mean any more red clothing or jewellery, I wanted to add red nails and a red clutch, It stands out and completes it all.
I'm really loving any deep red colours at the moment and you can get red lipstick and nail varnishes from pretty much any beauty supply store.

The dress covers the feet but we still need them dream shoes, I have the perfect heels lined up for this outfit it's just a shame they will be covered up. Now most people probably wouldn't go to much bother picking out a really expensive high brand shoe if your feet are covered but I'm not taking any chances with this look. I have picked out some Chanel vintage black heels. Yes, vintage. The whole look could be classed as vintage but like I mentioned it's timeless. I'm not adding a lot of jewellery to this as I want to kind of keep it simple, but I do want to add a little bit just to make it sparkle.

Recently I'm loving the French plaited look and found some hair inspiration online of some examples I think would look flawless with this outfit. A plaited headband, a plaited fringe or just the side of the hair plaited goes perfectly with some loose curls/wavy hair. Wether your hair is short or long it's still easy to achieve this look. 

Last of all to complete the outfit of the evening is this 'Diane Von Furstenberg' clutch bag. I picked out this deep red colour as I think it will really stand out heald next to the eye popping Snow White dress.

I think this classical look would look perfect on Felicity Jones who is a nominee for The Oscars 'Best Actress' award. Her most recent film she starred in 'The Theory Of Everything' was based in the 1960's a time where fashion was so different to now. There's no doubt about it I think that she will receive this award and I would be shocked if I was wrong. What better way than to show off your award and win in style. Felicity Jones is such a natural beauty and really stands out to me, I think her wearing this dress could be an Oscar award in itself.

I have left all the links to these items below and the link to Weddingon Way's most current bridesmaid collection.

My Favourite Music & What Music Apps I Use

Ok so today I'm writing something abit different to the usual, I'm going to be explaining what kind of music I listen to, my favourite songs at the moment and what app I use to download free music onto my playlists. 
So if you were to ask me what kind of music I listen to I can't really give you one genre because I'm open to a lot of different music but if I had to give you two of my favourite genres it would be house and D&B (Drum & Bass), when I was younger I wasn't crazy about music like I am now but as I've grown older I listen to it a lot more at any opportunity I can get. I have my headphones in the majority of the time (apart from when I'm with people because that would be rude!) 

The app I use to download free music is seriously a lifesaver, once you download the song you want onto your playlist you don't need any wifi to listen to it (aslong as its downloaded) so that's always handy for when you are out and have run out of Internet on your phone. I have an iPhone and anyone else with iPhones will know that iTunes is pretty pointless considering you have to pay for music when you can just get it for free on soundcloud, spotify or any other music app. The music app that I use is called iDownloader Pro and if you type 'iDownloader Free' in the App Store it should come up, a lot of similar apps come up which I have also tried but I don't find them to be as good as this one, feel free to try them out and see if you can find any better ones though because they may be out there! 
I really love this app and have a lot of music downloaded on it already so I don't feel the need to delete it and find another one or a better one as I don't want to lose all the music I have downloaded and secondly I never have any problems with it and it is so easy to use.
I have screen shotted what the app looks like so you have an idea of what one I have:

My favourite singers and bands of all time have to be Lana Del Rey, London Grammar and Daughter. I listen to these nearly everyday and have done for ages now, they are the type of people which make music that I cannot get bored of. My favourite song from Lana Del Rey is 'National Anthem', my favourite from Daughter is 'Love' and my favourite song from London Grammar is 'Wicked Game' these are my favourites but I still j'adore all the other songs! 

I also have a massive love for House Music and Drumb & Bass, I listen to this on a daily basis blasting through my headphones. I really love deep house and how chilled out it is, it really makes me feel calm and relaxed, whilst D&B just makes me feel abit more buzzed. I don't know if you have heard of 'Mr.Suicide Sheep? I listen to that ALOT and have for years now, if you type it in on the app I told you about or youtube a lot of songs will come up and hour long mixes, obviously I don't like every single song because there are a lot of mixes by them, but I have a lot I do love. My favourite song by them at the moment is Whithe 'Mistakes'. I am also loving 'Memtrix' at the moment and have been listening to Memtrix & Koven - Pessimist on repeat!

A few other people I'm loving at the moment are 'Andy C' and 'ODESZA' their kind of music definitely gets me excited and makes me happy.
On the iDownloader app I told you about, there are genres on there and once you click on it you can see all the music that comes up under the genres so it's so helpful for finding new music! 
I have downloaded a lot more mixes from the D&B and house genres on the app which I probably wouldn't of found if I was using youtube. 

A few of my favourite bands are The 1975, Arctic Monkeys, Mumford And Sons and EchoSmith, I only heard about EchoSmith over the past few months and fell in love with their music instantly.

I hope this helped anyone struggling to find new music or a good easy app, I'm thinking of doing more updates on what music I love more often as I'm always on the look out for new songs and would love to share them with you all. 

How To Get Rid Of Blemishes Using Summer Love Scrub

A few weeks ago I received a body scrub from www.summerlove.com.au 
It's known to help skin problems such as psoriasis eczema, acne, scars, blemishes and many more. As I've only had it for a couple of weeks I can only really tell you my early thoughts on this coffee scrub. As it's a scrub I also use it as an exfoliant which is amazing at removing any fake tan you have on and this works so well doing that and removing dry skin in problem areas. I use my hands to rub this into my skin, and then use a flannel and scrub, scrub, scrub! After I wash it all off my skin feels completely different to how it did before its so much softer and smoother, as I've only been using it for a couple of weeks I can't give a full result in what I think, but what I can say so far is that my skin feels so much softer, looks clearer and isn't as dry from the cold weather, so it's working a treat for me! I am going to carry on using it and will hopefully gain some great results that I can share with you all.
If you want to purchase some of this just visit there website or get in touch with them on Instagram - @summerlovescrub