November Haul

It's coming to the end of November already, Which means It's time for a haul! These are a few items I've been loving this month and I'm sure if you have me on Instagram and Twitter you have seen photos on there to. I can't believe it's the end of November already, Christmas is so close! This year has gone incredibly quick, I'll stop rambling on now and get on with the haul LOL..

Necklace & Ring from ROK&J 

Necklace Braclet & Ring from NakedFaun

Scrunchies from moonwaves clothinng

Temporary Tattoos from Bligtatts

Jewellery and Clutch from Morana USA 

I will leave the website links below to each shop or if you want to head over to my Instagram you can also find them on there.

Favourite Places To Shop This Christmas

So as Christmas is coming I have been doing a lot of Christmas shopping, looking around and recently late night shopping has started to. I really love Christmas shopping as it makes me feel so jolly and gets me in the mood for everything festive! A few shops which I always seem to be stumbling across whilst I'm out and about are River Island, Topshop, Next, John Lewis, H&M, Lush, Debenhams, and Boots. I must say that John Lewis has to be an all time favourite Christmas shop of mine It always looks so pretty this time of year, if you have me on Instagram you will see the recent picture I posted which is John Lewis all lit up and looking fabulous! Debenhams and Next also look stunning at Christmas aswell, These shops are so family orientated and are also perfect for buying gifts for people as they pretty much have everything. 
Shops like River Island, Topshop and Newlook are so handy around Christmas time as when I have gone in to these shops recently they have some beautiful pieces for Christmas events and party's you may be attending. 

These pictures were all taken by me in Debenhams, River Island, New Look, H&M and John Lewis.

Thankyou for reading, if you haven't seen my new shop yet selling beauty and make-up products then please head over to -

Blog Post Ideas

Ok so if your a blogger like me you will know that sometimes you just run out of things to write about! It's not a bad thing so don't get stressed out about it if you feel like your not putting your all into it. Even if your new to blogging you may need some ideas to write about, here's just a few things I thought about in my spare time and thought I'd share with all of you guys.

Reviews -

So reviewing is pretty straight forward whatever your blog is about clothes, makeup, food, keeping fit ect.. If you have any products to do with your content just write about it reviewing them telling your readers if they are good or bad. Readers love knowing about the latest products because if they are rubbish were not going to have to go out there and waste our money are we! 

What's in my bag/purse

You can probably guess what this is by the title, whatever items you have in your bag post pictures of them and explain what they are and why you carry them around and why they are your must haves. 

My day in pictures -

When you have an interesting fun day make sure to get loads of good pictures, get a few pictures of the scenery, the activities your doing, your hair and makeup, or your outfit, food and explain what you did on your day out.

Q&A -

Questions and answers, so on your social media websites write a post telling your readers that you are doing a Q&A and what questions they have for you, once you've done that and gathered all the questions together answer them on your blog. Getting to know the person who writes all these blog posts is a great thing and really interesting. I haven't done one yet but I'd love to in the future so my readers can get to know me more.


Outfit of the day or Makeup of the day, get pictures of your whole outfit and remember to let your readers know where your clothes are from, same with your makeup get a picture of your face and let people know what products you have used to achieve this look.


A lookbook is a few different pictures of your outfits so you could attach pictures in your post for an outfit you have worn each day of the week so they can understand what your style is like on a daily basis. 

Recipes -

If you have a love for cooking share your recipes and how you made a meal or a cake or anything you want! People love learning new recipes.

Beauty Tips -

If you have any beauty tips to share go ahead teach us something new, I love discovering new beauty tips and I'm sure I say that on behalf of readers to.

Haul -

If you've been on a shopping trip take a few pictures of what you have bought, or items you've bought over the past month or weeks, also let you readers know where it was from and how much it was. 

Room Tour -

I know this might sound like a strange one but it's pretty popular on YouTube and blogs, so if you love your room why not do a room tour, if it's abit messy you should probably straighten it out abit. 

Get ready with me -

Step by step take pictures and write the products you have used for a get ready with me post. It would probably would be easier doing a get ready with me video'd so if you also have a YouTube channel you can do that to! 

Best Place To Buy A Winter Coat/Jacket

So recently I've been having trouble finding the perfect place to buy a winter coat and I've noticed other people have to. A few weeks ago I was looking at Zara's online store and was obsessing over the coats and jackets I saw so I went to my nearest store and also had look at them in person. I like near enough every coat in there and that's rare for me as I am very picky with coats, another good thing is if you can't find the coat you want in store then there's a 99% chance they will have it online. Not everyone will agree with me to buy from Zara as it is abit pricey but I think the clothing in there is such good quality and everything is really worth the price as I want a coat that lasts long. When I have bought clothes from there before they have always lasted me so long and the material never fades or dies out on me. 

Zara have a different range of coats from smart to casual, fur, parkas, camel coats and more. This is just my personal opinion so I hope this has helped anyone struggling to buy the perfect coat for winter! I'd love to know your favourite shops to buy coats/jackets from in the comments below as I am always on the look out to discover new shops and brands! 

These are just a few of my favourite picks of jackets and coats that I chose from zara online, as you can see It varies from smart plain black to bright yellow fur. I've picked different coats for different occasions or styles if you want to see their whole collection just visit their website -

2014 Fashion Inspo's

In 2014 I started my blog, I got all my inspiration from Instagram to start blogging and looked up to other bloggers and fashion icons. There's so many stylish women I look up to and admire, but I have a few favourites that I'm obsessed with! So I thought why not write a post thanking them, If it wasn't for these women I may not have even started a blog which I hate thinking about because blogging means so much to me.


Her fashion sense is so on point, I started following Nyanelebajoa on Instagram ages ago now and have had so many ideas from her outfits even for blog posts. She can pretty much pull anything off.

 Phoebe Lettice

First time I ever spotted phoebe Lettice was on 'Made In Chelsea' and I adored what she was wearing, she now has her own clothing brand which I also love. I like her sense of style just because it's so different to others and she's not afraid to be different.

Kylie Jenner 

Everything about kylie is just perfection and as you probably know everyone is trying to get that famous Jenner pout which I love! Her urban style is gorgeous, I am always looking for outfit ideas from kylie.

Yasmine Chanel 

Lastly is Yasmine Chanel I discovered her on Instagram about a year ago now and I actually got my idea to start a blog from her which I'm so greatful for. I love her blog and her style is amazing, she is so inspiring to other bloggers, I really look up to her and am so glad I came across her blog.

Chloé Ready To Wear Spring/Summer 2015



                                   Front Row

    Rosie Huntington and Geoffroy de la Bourdonnaye 

                                Ellie Goulding 

                                 Anna Calvi 

                              Olivia Palermo 

                            Carine Roitfeld