Today's outfit (OOTD)

I'm really loving missguided at the moment and Nicole's range is my favourite part, this skirt isn't from Nicole's collection but is from missguided and reminds me of a tennis skirt, I've fallen in love with this skirt and it always goes well with a crop top. 
I've paired the skirt and crop top with a pair of chunky heel boots, personally I think it completes the look. 

Crop top - Ebay 
Skirt - Missguided 
Boots - Lamoda 
Watch - Vintage 

How To Make An Omlette: Simple Recipe

Your going to need: 
2/3 eggs 
A Bowl 
Frying pan 
Small Knob Of Butter 
Cheese Grater 
Toppings of your choice 
Cheese (optional) 

For my toppings I have chosen cheese tomatoes and BBQ sauce I've also added salt and pepper.

First of all you need to crack your eggs into a bowl and whisk them together. 

Put the frying pan on low heat and add the small knob of butter.

Once the butter has melted add your eggs and make sure to move the frying pan around a little bit to get an even consistency.

When the egg begins to cook add your cheese you can either grate it over the Omlette or grate it in a bowl and put over your Omlette, I just grate mine over the Omlette.
I then added four tomatoes on top on one side of the Omlette.
Then I add salt and pepper, lastly I add BBQ sauce. 

As I want my tomatoes cooked and the inside to be crispy, I then get my frying pan with the ingredients in and put it in the oven for about 15 minutes on 160 degrees. 
When your fifteen minutes is up please put an oven mit on or use a kitchen towel to hold the handle with on the the frying pan otherwise you are going to burn yourself. 

Lastly carefully use a spatula to fold the Omlette in half.


Valentino SS15



Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli have took us back in time into the 18th century with their collection Valentino inspired by Italy. I've done my research but it doesn't take a genius to guess that the collection is inspired by Rome. The gladiator sandals stand out to me the most that's what gives away the obvious they are a statement piece in this collection. Not only do the gladiator sandals stand out to me but the simplicity of the white dresses they are so romantic and look so lightweight then you have the evening dresses so classy, bold and all of them are so perfect in my eyes. 

How To Grow Long Hair Fast | Home Remedies

Coconut oil 

Coconut oil is a great way to get thick strong hair and has been used for thousands of years all around the world. Coconut oil protects and moisturises the hair which adds growth and thickness, the fatty acids and protein in coconut oil protects split ends and prevents hair from breakage. The best way to use coconut oil is gently heat in a jar or over the hob until it's warm and gently massage into the hair and scalp for a few minutes and leave in over night and wash out the next day, it's oils and vitamins are all natural and this is actually a better and healthier option than using conditioner, you can buy coconut oil pretty much anywhere I usually order mine on ebay as it's only £4 for half a litre.

Almond Oil

Almond oil was discovered by Egyptians, they were obsessed with their appearance and having long shiny hair, they discovered almond oil was an amazing hair treatment and it's still being used now for hair remedies. Almond oil stimulates the hair follicles promoting growth and a head of strong healthy hair. Similar to the coconut oil treatment heat over the hob for a warm consistency and massage into the scalp and hair, leave in over night or as long as you feels best.

Remember washing your hair everyday actually drains the natural oils and leaves you with dry brittle hair as there are so many chemicals in shampoo and conditioner, also using hot water on your hair everyday can cause brittle hair and split ends.

Brushing your hair as soon as you get out of the shower is a giant NO this causes breakage and makes the hair weak, the best thing to use is a comb or just leave it until it's dry and then comb it, I never really brush my hair I always use a comb as I find brushing it is way to rough and is very damaging. When you dry your hair with a towel don't be to rough and gently dry so you are not pulling on the hair and ripping it out, also if you dry with a hair dryer or use any kind of heat on your hair use heat defence spray or a serum to protect your hair from breaking off.

I am not a qualified hair dresser, these are tips from research and experience with my own hair.

Balenciaga SS15

I've been watching videos from paris fashion week for days now, I've been researching online and I have to say Alexander Wangs collection 'Balenciaga' really caught my eye. I'm so glad I stumbled across his collection, this has to be by far one of my favourite ones I've seen. The pieces go from structured to sporty/street with a hint of matrix, what a bundle. Also Wang didn't just stick to all black/all white he has used pastels in his collection, he's mixed it up in so many ways I'm lost for words. This is what has really caught my eye as I love my all black/all whites but I also love my pastels, so for me this really is just perfection. Have you noticed the long coats and the straightness of the clothes? I know I've already said it but everything is so structured and perfect even the models, their faces are straight their body's are straight and the clothes just drop, Wangs really pulled it off this time, presentation is key. To watch the show online has given me major envy to the people surrounding that runway as they got to see it live. The runway had character itself, it's glass and grid-work had smoke lurking underneath as the models walked above it, this show couldn't have been presented any better.

As you all may of heard these three made an appearance Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and their daughter North West. The crowd went wild for baby North and by the looks of things Norths had her eye on some of the pieces as she was clapping and smiling as the models walked by. 
Ofcorse they all turned up in Balenciaga pieces aswell to support the show, it would of been rude not to, right?

Today's Attire

Leather Jacket - Topshop 
Blouse - Zara - 
Fluffy Cardigan - Depop 
Necklace - Vintage 
Shoes - Lamoda

I was also wearing a black skort which unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of because I didn't have time, it's just a plain black skort from newlook, it's such a beautiful day I hope your all enjoying the first bit of sun we've had in England for the past few weeks!