A/W WishList

Acne spring summer 2015

Here's shots of the acne spring summer 2015 collection show held in Paris, I'm defenitly getting a lot of bohemian vibes in these looks, the flared trousers and the floral patterns are defenitly a blast from the past! All the looks are very unique and special in there own way, I must say the green all leather outfit looks amazing, there are also a few other looks in there which involve leather. 
Looks like blazers are back, low cut V-neck blazers, tops and even jackets I'm seeing in these shots taken, defenitly keep an eye out next year for low cut v-necks I reckon they are defenitly going to make a return. 
All of the dresses in these pictures seem to be different, there's one dress that reminds me of a skater dress, another dress with floral patterns again has the bohemian look going on, and another dress with a high neck, you can probably guess by looking at the pictures which dresses match the description I'm making.

Moschino barbie collection

Well Jeremy Scott has pretty much wowed everyone here's some pictures of a few models wearing his clothes down the runway, couldn't have picked any better models to do the job - they look absolutely amazing! 

This is Elisabeth Erm rocking a moschino two piece down the run way, two pieces have been very popular this summer and I think they are gorgeous but this two piece just really catches my eye I am actually obsessed with it, the whole outfit goes really well together even the hair, reminds me of a 70s/80s vintage look, I adore it.

Charlotte free roller blading down the run way, as you can see in the background everyone is laughing and smiling, I love how nobody has taken it to seriously and the models and everyone are having fun with it, the outfits and models are gorgeous and they look like they are having an amazing time, jealous is anunderstatement! Loving another two piece going on here, another favourite of mine, well I don't have any favourites out of the collection really, I can't get enough I really do love it all! 

Can I firstly say her make up is perfection, clap clap to the makeup artist behind the scenes at moschino! 
This is Daphne Groeneveld looking absolutely gorgeous in a moschino headband and jacket, flawless. 

I've been meaning to make a blog about this collection for days but have only just got around to it, I'm really obsessed with it at the moment, they have a lot of other items available just check out their website www.moschino.com to see more clothing pieces and accessories, would love to know what everyone thinks about the collection? 

New shoes

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I love my new shoes loads. So I bought them from lamodauk and they were £30 definitely worth the price. They are so comfortable to walk in and they look amazing, you could pair them up with a pair of skinny jeans for daytime, I think they'd look really pretty also worn with a skort, or a tennis skirt from American apparel. These can be worn day and night time I reckon, just in the day time I wouldn't go to full on with the outfit! The heel isn't to big so I definitely think that's a plus.