How to: Go from dark to blonde hair


Hello to anyone who’s checked out my blog and thank you!
So lets get to it, I have recently gone from dark to blonde hair, it is an awkward process to say the least but its so worth it!
If you don’t think you hair is in good condition I wouldn’t recommend going blonde as it can really damage your hair, and if your hair falls out you would probably cry yourself to sleep, I know I would!
So when your hair is at that ugly orange stage i wouldn’t bother putting a toner on it, you need to wait until you have yellow brassy hair, kind of like the color of the inside of a banana, strange way of putting it I know!
Anyway, once your hair is yellow, your still going to have a few brassy not very nice looking tones, so when my hair was at this stage I decided to use a purple shampoo called – ‘Provoke Touch Of silver Shampoo’ it says on the bottle – for grey, white and platinum blonde hair, it also mentions it has violent pigments in it (purple tones to get rid of brassiness) It also says on the back of the bottle to leave on for five minutes.
I left this shampoo on my hair for about three hours because i really wanted the yellow tones to disappear!
So after i washed and dried my hair, I couldn’t really see the difference to be honest I think its probably more of a shampoo to use once your already blonde just to keep your hair looking light and keeping the brassiness away.
I bought this product from eBay, it was very cheap and i think you can buy it also in your local drugstore!
So now onto the main product THE LIFESAVER!
Wella T18 color charm (lightest ash blonde)
To use this product you will need a mixing bowl, a bleaching brush, 20 developer peroxide, gloves and your T18 toner! Mix the consistency with the 20 developer bleach in the mixing bowl, then use your bleaching brush or a spoon to mix all of this together.
Yes, you may look in the bottle and the toner might look clear but trust me it isn’t, so I would definitely put on some old clothes to avoid getting stains on your nice clothes!
When the toner and developer is mixed it will be a very dark purple don’t worry about that it’s meant to be that color it won’t dye your hair purple!
So after you have mixed it up (please make sure your gloves are on otherwise the bleach can burn your hands) apply it all over your head make sure you get every strand so it’s all even! Leave it on for 30 minutes, and I’d say check a small strand of hair every so often just to see what the color is.
After that just wash it out, when I washed mine out I used my Provoke Touch of Silver shampoo that I mentioned earlier in the blog and I gave my hair a deep condition just to avoid any damage!
After I did that, all the brassiness was out of my hair and there were no yellow or orange tones, I really do recommend this product if you are going blonde, it is literally the only thing that saved my hair, I would of ended up dying my hair back dark if it wasn’t for this toner!
II also got this product on eBay, the only downfall about this product is that they don’t sell it in the UK :( such a bummer, but don’t worry if you order online off eBay they ship from America to the UK or even worldwide I think!
It was pretty cheap as well, and I will purchase this again and again and again and again whenever my brassiness comes back!
It is Just amazing!
Thanks for checking out my blog guys I hoped this helped anyone who can’t get rid of brassy hair!

Roxanne Cole x