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What Is Veganism?

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Please share and spread awareness, this video has all the information you need about animal abuse, your health, animal agriculture and the planet. Animals and people have equal rights


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Updated ☀❥ How I Edit My Instagram Pictures 大

The photos in this blogpost are unedited, I use a canon G7X to take these and I love the quality of the canon G7X and how simple the camera is to use. 

I have changed the way I edit my pictures on Instagram compared to how I used to edit them, I love playing around with apps and trying out different effects! The main app I use is VSCO cam, my favourite filters are M3, M5 and P5. I turn the grain up and sometimes turn the saturation up or down for a brighter or more grey effect. I then use PicLab to add vintage effects or afterlight! 

For the border I use PicJointer :) 

That's all of the apps I use, hope this helps for anyone who's been asking! 

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February Favourites ••• Music, Pictures, Zala Hair, Crystals

I've always loved photography and it's such a great feeling being able to express it through my blog and social media accounts. I'm usually taking pictures where ever I go to, catching life time memories is just one big bonus, pictures I can look back on for the rest of my life.

I cannot stop listening to bombaby bicycle club !!! I discovered them about two years ago and was really obsessed when I came across their music, I've been listening to them a lot again recently I can't get enough, they are insanely talented. Another band I have been listening to just recently are Wild Child, their so creative not just in their songs but in their filming/video making aswell. I haven't stopped listening to Rillo Talk one of my favourite videos of theirs. I have so much random songs on my soundcloud to list here but if you want to head over to my soundcloud and see what I've been listening to I'll leave the link here. When I can't sleep I will listen to so many songs for ages lol, it gets to a point where I like some right shit. I look back at it the next day and think WHY so if you find some awful awful songs on there, I am sorry haha :D :D

I got some new crystals and a healing ring, I randomly came across this shop whilst I was out.. it looked so interesting from the outside so I had to go in! I need to make a trip back there it was pretty awesome. It was a little shop full of crystals, hand crafted items and jewellery ect. I've really loved testing out new lenses for my camera I got hold of a kaleidoscope lense from a website called H0les, I've been using fish eye lenses as well, I got mine of EBay for really cheap.

More onto beauty products.. I'm so in love with St. Moriz  tan, I got sent a range of their products and I wanted to wait a while until I wrote about them so I could test them about before sharing what I thought, I have been using St. moriz for years now and I've always really liked their tan, it's SO affordable and looks nice on. I couldn't wait to try out their new range, I'm really happy with it. They have a bunch of products from long lasting tanning mousses to tanning primer.

I was looking for some good hair extensions for ages online because for some reason I can't really find any that I like very much. I looked for agessss... then I came across an Australian brand called Zala hair extensions, in all the comments on the youtube videos I watching/reviews etc. I couldn't find a bad word said about them at all. After looking for a while I was pretty confident in trying them out. They took about a week and a half to get to the UK and shipping cost me around £20 which I thought was pretty damn good! I'm so ecstatic about them and I'm so glad I came across them, they are really really thick from top to bottom, they have a lovely wavy look to them if you want to wear them natural and they are just such good quality. They are the best hair extensions I have ever bought and I'm going to stick with them! There's a few pictures on this post of me wearing them and some on my Instagram. By the way I paid for these extensions with my own money I have no affiliation with Zala.  

Hope you enjoyed my February favourites! If you have any questions about products just ask in the comments below or contact me on Instagram :D

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A More Positive Being

I know as I get older I'm always going through a change, emotionally and physically. I can go through happy points in my life but I can also reach to the lowest points, the feeling of being aware will never leave, that's a part of me. I promised myself when I started my blog that I was going to write and make videos to help people and make a change. I love blogging so much, I cant explain how happy it makes me and as I've grown as a person through all the changes, my blog has changed with me. I'm really uncertain of what my future holds at this very moment but the anxiety of that shouldn't be stressing me out, I could go more into depth to as why but I want to get my words across in a video. Hopefully I'll be making them as soon as possible, because I have my own personal journey I want to share, messages I want to get across and hopefully if its possible.. help make a change.
There's a lot going on in this world and there's enough people using platforms on the Internet to spread as much information as possible to help others and open minds. It's a place where we can express how we truly feel, maybe nothing will change but thinking like that won't get us anywhere, at least if we try it's a possibility. There's so much I've learnt from within myself, other people, books and the Internet. It's information that I'd love to share because keeping it in drives me mad sometimes.

Joining as one and being on eachothers side. 'We're all in the same boat' we've all been put on this earth together no matter what our situation is we're still human.
I'm excited to share this journey because catching my life on camera has given me memories throughout this existent. I can look back on the high points and the low points. Talking about these factors and everything that's going on around us day to day is something I aspire to do, increasing positivity and keeping a healthy balanced mind. Music, meditation, exercising, foods we process, energies we surround ourselves with and our daily routine will be written about and filmed for when I start a channel. There's so much more I keep to myself that I would love to talk about as well. It's always been a little bit daunting thinking people who read my blog might think I'm a little bit mad lol so I haven't talked about it much, keeping thoughts in seemed safer to me. As I get older I'm less worried of what people think, if we have a message we should spread it and now having these recourses I think a lot more people are realising what the world really is and what this existence is about. Maybe we will never know for sure but we have an idea.

We can all join as one to make a change and spread a message. Lets use the internet for something meaningful, there's enough of us! Please share this, comment below, email me if you have any thoughts or questions, thankyou so much.

email - roxannecolex@gmail.com

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THE BENEFITS OF GREEN TEA | Quick Weightloss, Prevents illness, Cleanses

Hey everyone, and a happy new year!

Before Christmas came along I was doing so well on my diet I managed to lose 5 pounds in a week (crazy I know) but then Christmas came by and I put all that weight back on. I wasn't to angry with myself as I knew I could lose it quickly again. Everybody is different when it comes to losing weight some people may take longer than others so don't feel discouraged if its taking you a while! If your trying to lose weight and you already have a slim build - please be careful!

My Experience With Green Tea

First of all I just want to say this is my own personal experience not everyone will have the same reaction as me, Please stay safe when dieting is at can also be dangerous sometimes. I had a bit of a whirl wind experience with green tea. When I started drinking it, this is also when I started my healthy eating journey to. I completely changed my diet in a day, this was the WORST thing I could have done. Green tea is so powerful and on top of that I was drinking smoothies packed with fruit and cinnamon tea everyday to - in no way is any of this stuff bad for you but it's all about balance and easing yourself into change. I carried this diet on for a couple of weeks but because I rushed into it, it made my anxiety horribly bad, I felt really low and I didn't really have any energy at all. I'm sorry if this post comes across a little negative at first, I just want to spread the message that rushing into healthy eating isn't always the right way for weight loss. We still need our good fats and sugars to keep us going. Also - I promise things get better for me haha!

After I noticed my anxiety and low moods increasing I decided to step back from this diet a little, I cut down on the green tea and all these healthy drinks because the power in these drinks weren't mixing well with the way my body works, going from a completely different diet to this.. well of course my body was going to react this way. For about a week I stopped drinking green tea because I just wanted to feel myself again, I was wondering why it triggered my anxiety, so I looked it up and other people have experienced the same as me as well. I was still eating healthy but I was balancing everything more, making sure I still had my sugars and fats. I felt better, thank god. Green Tea is not bad for you at all, I was just going OTT with it, once I learned how to work with it I only needed half a cup a day, that's it half a cup, and it's still working the same for me, its still helping me lose weight and it's clearing out my system but now I feel good mentally and half a cup doesn't effect me at all. Dieting really is all about learning what's best for you! I love green tea now and I'm so glad I gave it another go!

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Benefits Of Green Tea

As I've mentioned it's outstanding for weight loss! It's one of the healthiest beverages on the planet after White Tea. Green tea contains caffeine and EGCG which boosts the metabolism, breaks down the fat cells and moves on into the blood stream.. which cleans out your system, this will explain why you pee more when drinking green tea. Releasing fat into the blood stream will also increase energy levels. Green tea helps you increase fat burning especially during exercise, but even when your not exercising or just doing simple tasks like going for a walk it's still working miracles. It also has loads of huge health benefits which are linked Here.

I hope this helps anyone on their journey to being a healthier human! I know that at Christmas the cupboards are filled with so much junk food that it can be hard to lose weight when January arrives. I just want to end the post and say in any way at all I'm not saying anyone needs to lose weight, love yo'self! You look awesome the way you are and eat the way that you want (:

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New Blog Layout | 2016

Hello guys and welcome to my new blog layout! I really hope you have a great evening and your new year is filled with happiness and fun filled adventures!

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